Entertainment Cinemas Undergoing a Complete Overhaul


The Entertainment Cinemas brand is undergoing a complete overhaul, and the company says upgrades are “where movie theaters are headed.” Box office ticket sales have been declining for years, and moviegoers are more often spending time in their homes than ever before. In addition, a pandemic has forced many theaters to close their doors. The company is also embroiled in a nasty legal dispute involving the tenancy of its building. The company is facing eviction from its Miracle Mile Plaza complex, and has been threatened by the landlord and the tenant.

A major difference between theatre and Entertainment Cinemas is how the two forms relate to their audiences. The relationship between the performers and audiences is different, but both involve acting. Film acting is easier to follow than theatre acting, because actors in theatres must exaggerate facial expressions and gestures. While both forms of entertainment have different audiences, both are great ways to enjoy a movie. In the United States, the majority of movie theaters are located in major cities.

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