Eid Card Handmade Tutorial for Beginners – Eid Card Tutorial

Eid Card Handmade

Hey this is Jia and you are watching Jia’s Art. You are at the right place if you want to learn Eid Card at home.

These are the tools I’ll be using make eid card at home.

Step 1:

1st at all, I am using a hard chart paper with the measurement of 21cm in width and 18cm in length.

Now turn it like a card.

Now mark at 1cm.

Now put your scale on it. And mark a 9cm and make a line.

Now mark at 10cm and make a line.

Also mark the 10cm at the opposite side.

Join the points.

Now half the line.

Again half the bottom line.

Now make a line in center.

Now make triangle shape.

Now cut it with scissor.

1st step is done.

2nd Step

Basically I have cut a hut shape card.

Now I am using this forming sheet and cut it according to the card size.

Using paper cutter for cutting the sheet

Now using glue stick for pasting it on the card.

3rd step:

Now I am using ice cream sticks for corners,

Its too long so I have it like this.

Now paste it with glue sticks

Now I am using glitters sheet on left and right side corners.

4th step:

Now I am using purple foaming sheet and cut it into small strips using paper cutter for cutting.

Now half it from centers

Now using single stripe and make a small flower

Now using glue stick

Now flower is done

I have created 5 flowers like this

5th step:

Now I am using silver craft glue and apply it at the bottom of the flower and put it at the corner

Do the same process with all of the remaining.

Now I am using pink glitter sheet and cut a heart.

I have cut a small heart already

Now paste it in center.



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