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girl drawing hat


Are you fond of sketches of girls? Are you a easy girl drawing enthusiast? Are you a beginner and really want to learn about cute girl drawing wearing a hat? Then you are in right place. Here we have described step by step guide to draw a girl sketch in an easy way. Don’t worry, by reading and learning simple tricks you will able to efficiently do easy girl face drawing.  Now you are thinking about how to make sketches of a girl’s face then let’s have a glance at the steps to follow for girl drawing easy  making.

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girl drawing hat

pencil drawing stationery

Complete your stationery

Before you start easy girl drawing first complete your tools so you find no hassle in making sketches of girls.  Perhaps you will do cute girl drawing in the best way.

  • Blending Brush
  • Scale
  • Simple Eraser
  • Hb Pencil and 9B Pencil
  • Hard White Chart Paper
  • Compass
  • Hb Pencil

Step 1: Easy Girl Drawing

Hat Girl Drawing step 1

To make a perfect sketch of girls there is a need to fix the chart paper on a hard surface so you feel no issue in making sketches of easy girl drawing. Now follow the steps to make girl easy drawing.

  • Take your compass and open it about 5cm to draw a circle for girl drawing
  • By using the same measurement of 5 cm draw line son each side of the circle.
  • To give a neat look erase the extra line on the circle
  • Connect these points to draw so cute girl
  • In the center now draw a circle
  • Draw a cap and draw lines on it
  • Draw two lines on each side. Make sure each line must be 3cm.
  • Attach the lines and erase the one corner to draw a neat and so cute girl.
  • Now use the HB pencil to draw the hands
  • The next step for the girl drawingis to round the corners.
  • Mark about 2.3 distance to draw a line on that point.
  • Draw hands and draw the face measurements
  • On 1st point draw the nose.
  • On the 2nd point draw lips on that point.
  • It’s time to draw hair
  • The next step is to draw shoulder shape
  • After that draw a design on the hat. Plus, don’t forget to write BTS according to the measurement you are using for the sketches of girl face

Step 2: For Cute Drawing of Girl

To draw a girl’s hair, start drawing strokes in hairs. Use a 2B pencil to draw the streaks. For more guidance check on the video to know the exact pattern of drawing hair strokes.

Step 3: For Drawing of Girl with Hat

Now use the HB pencil to shade the hands, nails, and bottom part of the hand. Use the mini eraser to keep your cute girl drawing neat and tidy.

Shade the bottom part of the hat and then come towards the nose. Shade it lightly to create a contouring effect and give an impression of realistic drawings.

Shade the lips and upper portion of the hat. In the end, make the outline around the hat to prominent the boundaries to draw so cute girl

Step 4: Final Touch to Easy Girl Drawing (BTS)

Color the shape and circle. Blend the shading with help of a blending stump and the brush.

Hat Girl Drawing 4

Step 5:Dress up the Cute Girl Drawing

girl drawing hat

Draw a dotted line around the hat plus draw the shirt lines. Use a 9B pencil to color the lines and make them prominent.

Now you have completed the drawing of girl. Get ready to make sketches of girl. Now you have got an answer that how to draw a cute girl. Simply follow all the steps to learn the girl face drawing.  In this way, you will able to make easy girl drawing easy way. For further guidelines for a cute girl, drawing see the drawing video and you will get an expert soon. We have easy drawings for kids, so they learn efficiently to become drawing master.

Now you have learned how to draw a girl with hat (BTS)? Isn’t girl face drawing easy for you now? Now you can create your own and inspire your fellows with a tidy and neat girl’s face sketch with hat. And did you watch or read my previous blog of girl drawing with ponytail.

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