Girl Drawing Holding Balloon – Easy Drawing for Kids

Easy drawing for kids
Hey this is Jia and you are watching Jia’s Art. You are at the right place to learn How to Sketch Baby Girl Drawing from back side of girl holding balloon. Also Watch Drawing Tutorial of Easy drawing for kids!

Tools for “Easy Drawing For Kids”

These are the tools I’ll be using

1: Scale
2: Compass with HB Pencil
3: Soft blending brush
4: Cotton buds
5: Mono zero eraser and simple Eraser
6: ORO pencil color (pink color)
7: Pencils (HB, 4B, 9B)
8: Black Permanent Marker
9: Marker Colors (pink and Black)
10: Masking tap
11: White paper simple hard chart paper for card

Step 1:

1st at all draw the line of 14.5cm mark these 4 points with the help of scale of little girl drawing.

Open your compass and at 1.5cm and draw a circle of baby sketch.

Draw a rectangle shape on first two marks (its width is 3.8cm)

Draw a shape on 3 or 4 mark according to this measurement baby girl drawing.

After then I am using HB pencil to draw according to my measurement.

Erase the base line

Erase the center line

Draw legs of girl drawing (for kids)

Draw arm of girl drawing (for kids)

Draw step by step hairs of girl drawing

Draw neckline

Draw second arm line

Now clean the hair part

1st step is done lets move on the 2nd step.

2nd step:

Now I am just using 4B pencil and outline the complete sketch of pencil drawing for kids.

3rd step:

Now I am using HB pencil and create some stocks in hairs direction (lightly of simple drawing for kids).

Use soft blending brush, blend the hairs (of cool drawings for kids).

Use 9B pencil and draw same stocks in hairs direction (of basic drawing for kids).

I am using just mono zero eraser and draw some white stocks in hairs direction (of easy sketches for kids).

Using HB pencil and draw some light hairs around the hairs (of best drawing for kids).

Now using 9B pencil and do the same process of girl drawing (for kids).

3rd step is done.

4th step

In this step, I am using cotton bud and blend the girl.

Draw a line with 4B pencil of kids drawing.

Draw a balloon line with HB pencil.

Again draw a circle of 1.5cm for balloon.

Now erase the inside lines of baby sketch.

Now outline it with 4B pencil of kid girl drawing.

5th step

I am using these marker colors and pick the pink color and draw some dots in the dress of baby sketch.

Now colored the balloon of girl pencil drawing.

Colored with ore pencil color (which is pink).

Colored the dress with same pencil color of baby girl drawing.

Now draw some black dots with black marker color or permanent marker in the sketch.

Finally its done hope you all enjoyed. If you have also drawing like me, then do Subscribe my YouTube Channel and watch my all Drawing Tutorial. Moreover, you can also watch my Instagram feed where I have uploaded 100+ Pencil Drawing Sketch. Check my Instagram Profile also.




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