How to Appeal to the Sensual Side of Your Brain When Designing Communication Graphics For a Classroom assignment

communication graphics
communication graphics

communication graphics

Communication graphics is a combination of art and science that attempts to communicate a message in a visually appealing manner. While many people may not immediately associate graphics with communication, it is the art associated with the design that most people are familiar with. Graphic communication is often described in terms of art or visual communication in a print or picture.

As the name implies, graphic communication is communication with graphic components. These components include icons and glyphs, images like photos and paintings, and more can also include the passive signals of color, substrate, and surrounding environment. This broader term is inclusive of any and all forms of artistic expression used to deliver a message in a way that is highly effective. There are various components that make up this field, including typography, visual design, and interactivity.

One of the most important components of graphic design is typography. The legibility of text is crucial to an audience and the success of a communication design. Proper typography structure and implementation is often considered by professionals when developing communication graphics. There are different aspects of typography to consider, such as; dealing with subvocalization, balancing large and small space, dealing with text alignment, and even the balance between black and white.

Visual communication graphics can be anything that the artist creates to communicate a message in a visually interesting way. The primary goal of most graphic designers is to promote communication while still giving an ordinary level of effectiveness. For example, a student assignment may relate to learning, which means the message should be simple enough for a child to understand while still being effective. Visual learning doesn’t mean the graphic is only there for mere decoration, but it refers to using the image to teach a lesson.

One visual communication graphics lesson can be related to learning through color. Many modern textbooks and educational technology products are based on colors and hues, which many people cannot relate to unless they have studied art history. However, most of the world has a solid understanding of how hues and colors affect our thinking. In relation to the study of art history, students learn about how light and shadow change the way we see something. By changing the way the student sees something, students can alter their learning process altogether. An example would be a different shade of a word to make the concept more clear.

Communication Graphics can also incorporate images. Images are essential to communicate a message through communication graphics. While some people see images purely as a decorative piece, others view them to play a significant role in the communicative process. Images in communication graphics visuals can represent a person, place, or idea. It can be used to introduce a topic, or it can simply be included in the text. Most graphic designers have an image library full of images that they use when developing new communicative pieces.

Another powerful form of communicative graphic design is the line. When properly used, a line in a graphic design can evoke strong emotion in viewers. It allows for the author to include a strong and memorable call to action. A strong call to action draws readers in and encourages them to further explore and examine a subject. An example of a line in Nigeria could be “Don’t Sit on the Sofa until You Have Read This!”

Communication Graphics can offer a solution to an ordinary level problem. The graphic design needs to appeal to the senses in order for it to effectively communicate a message. It is not enough for a student to simply use a piece of writing as their communication graphics. They need to use a tool that appeals to the senses and appeals to the brain’s ability to solve problems.

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