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River City Graphics is an acclaimed wedding invitation printing company located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is perhaps the only full-service wedding invitation printing company in the Hampton Roads region which offers custom in-house print service for an old-fashioned, charming charm at your nuptials, save the date and much more. As with all companies, River City Graphics has grown and changed over the years as business objectives and strategies have changed. However, River City’s core values of service, quality and a focus on creating personalized, distinctive wedding invites remain unchanged. It also remains one of the most affordable options for the serious designer. In fact, you may be surprised to find that many of the same professional graphic artists who create wedding invitations for clients of this company are also skilled in working with individuals and couples who need unique invitations.

In terms of printers, printer options include full color offset letterpress printing and full color digital printing. These two media types offer several benefits, though offset letterpress printing is probably the best option for someone shooting for a more traditional feel or to avoid printing costs associated with the large quantities generally required by Virginia Beach couples. Many brides and grooms today prefer the smaller sizes of full color digital printers because they are often easier to work with, but there are those who still prefer the offset versions. In terms of size, though, there is little variation between the two mediums.

In addition to the full color offset printers mentioned above, most local printers offer digital printers as well. They generally offer a variety of photo imaging software and capabilities including a digital photo frame and the ability to upload a number of digital photos for printing on custom invitation paper. Most offer the basic level of printing capabilities and include basic finishing techniques. However, some offer the full range of capabilities available through the use of high end graphic designers. Wedding invitation printers can provide the technical know-how necessary for creating invitations with cutting edge design elements and the technical know-how required to produce the finished product in a time frame that matches the desires of the bride and groom.

In order to find the ideal printer, it is advisable for a potential client to speak with one or two experienced graphic designers. By discussing the design elements they wish to include and the type of printer they would like to use, the designer can match the two printers to create a package that will meet the needs of the company and its clients. Once this pairing has been established, the two sides can begin to develop a plan for the design process. The planning process typically includes a consultation meeting between the two sides to discuss the project. This meeting is beneficial because it allows the bride and groom to go over any questions or concerns they may have regarding the project and gives the printer an opportunity to gather information about the company, its employees and their success stories.

Once the initial consultation has ended, it is time for the bride and groom to sit down with the printer to discuss the overall look of the invitation. In addition to the design, the printer should be able to provide accurate cost estimates for all aspects of the printing services, including color, paper stock, and the type of finishing that will be used to complete the final product. After the initial discussion, the designer/ printers can start to work on the project by asking some specific questions about the bride and groom’s personalities and how they want to be represented on the invitation. These questions can help to make the design process flow smoothly and accurately. By taking all the time to understand the specific requirements and desires of the couple, the printing services provider will be able to create a unique invitation that captures everyone’s interests.

Once a firm has been chosen, the design team at River City Graphics will begin to work on the project. Depending on the budget and the final design chosen, the graphic designer/ printers may begin to complete the design and printing process in one or two weeks. Once the design is completed, it is time for the printers to turn in a proof to the bride and groom to ensure that all aspects of the invitation are correct. If there are any revisions that need to be made, the printer should be able to accommodate these needs without having the final print turned in at the last minute.

From the creative side of River City Graphics, invitations are not just printed out and thrown in the mail. Rather, a lot of care is put into the production of each invitation set. Each piece is designed with a particular purpose in mind, which ensures that every creative design is perfect and provides just the right touch for the recipients of the invitation. A large part of the process involves working with the recipients to find something that fits with their personality or their lifestyle. Once this is determined, the printing and design process begins and River City graphics use their years of experience to help create an invitation set that will make any wedding happy.

Some people like to take the invitations they have received to another level. Whether they decide to create a collage of images to use on the invitations themselves or to turn the pieces into handcrafted stationery, there is no limit to the creativity that can come along with River City Graphics. The many options for invitations offered by River City Graphics are sure to please every bride and groom on their special day. No matter what style of invitation set you are looking for, River City Graphics can help you create the perfect invitation for your special day. By working closely with you, they can give you the best possible designs and graphics so that you can be proud to bring your special day to the world.

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