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Learn How to Create Your Own Nike Logo Design

Logo DesignLearn How to Create Your Own Nike Logo Design


The Nike swoosh logo is probably one of the most recognizable world wide branding visuals. In addition to sports enthusiasts and athletes, younger generations also like purchasing products sporting the Nike logo. In fact, 62 percent of all the athletic shoe market is Nike. Nike is a United States based corporation with headquarters in Portland, Oregon. It was founded by two former college basketball players – Bill Heath and Jack Knight.

Nike began its successful sports brand association with the birth of its very first sports product – the Nike swoosh logo design. It was known at that time only as the ‘Nike Swoosh’ or the ‘Flash’. It was not long before the company knew it would soon come to be known as the ‘Swoosh’. A Nike swoosh is characterized by a simple block design pattern that is made of mostly light colored or white background. As time passed by, Nike saw the popularity of its logo design soaring and so it decided to turn the swoosh into many other products apart from just the classic swoosh logo design.

With this creative move, Nike made sure that its logo design would become synonymous with any high performance footwear that Nike makes. So far, Nike has launched shoes for basketball, tennis, golf, running, and soccer. Now, it has also launched Nike golf shoes and Nike running shoes. All these are done using the Nike Futura Bold logo design. These are popular among golf players because of their modern and classic look.

What else made Nike think of changing its logo? Some may argue that the reason Nike didn’t launch a whole range of athletic shoes like the old one was the cost involved. However, the change proved to be beneficial because Nike started using more colorful fonts and changed their slogan to something that reflected its new attitude of producing high quality sports apparel. The original Nike slogan was “the world’s greatest sports apparel”. And from then on, it became synonymous with quality.

Nike’s logo design made use of different shapes including circles, ovals and triangles to give it a stylish look. In addition to all this, the swoosh also has been incorporated in various forms. Most common being the swoosh shape as a result of which it has found usage in a wide variety of Nike products. It is not only about the design, but the way it is embossed or branded also matters a lot. The more a Nike logo design is embossed or branded the more exclusive it becomes.

When you think of a Nike logo design, you probably would not have any images of athletes sloshing about in water wearing their most comfortable gear. It is about the swoosh and its color that gives it the necessary edge over other brands. But then again, you can’t deny the fact that it has a very recognizable design that has become synonymous with Nike products. The swoosh motif starts at the toe box and travels till the mid calf area. Then there is a line between the swoosh running up till the chest.

This is why Nike shoes are almost always the first choice when people make a purchase of athletic shoes. Even after so many years, people still prefer to buy Nike shoes over all the other brands. And the reason behind this preference is that they want to have a Nike design on the sole of their running shoes, on the sole of their basketball shoes, on their golf shoes and on their ski boots as well. This is the reason why Nike has been able to create such a unique icon in the field of sports footwear.

If you want to be an avid sports attire brand owner, it makes sense to invest in a couple of Nike products like the shoes, sneakers and apparel. The best part about these products is that you can get a lot of exclusive Nike designs on them for your own use. Therefore, if you are a graphic design student and want to learn how to create your own Nike icon, Nike design is a very good option for you.

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