Cat Drawing Tutorial For Kids



Kids will really enjoy learning to create a cat drawing for kids to enjoy. Beginners will also benefit greatly from this simple, step by step lesson designed for learning to draw a cat. This very easy cat drawing instruction guide is ideal for fairly young kids just looking to begin with basic drawing. This is a great way to introduce them to the world of art and all it has to offer. Kids can enjoy this fun cat drawing for kids and be rewarded with a good amount of fun as they develop their artistic skills.

Starting off with the cat drawing for kids first, you will need a piece of paper that is straight and clean. This should be a simple white or cream-colored paper that is flat. Next, you will need cat drawing supplies. The most common drawing supplies you will need including; crayons, pencils, water paints, erasers, markers, and paints. With these supplies, you are ready for step three in your cat drawing for kids experience.

  • Step 3 – is to find a picture of a cat you like, which you can find online or even in a magazine. With your chosen picture in your hand, draw the outline of its body using the markers/ pencils/ water paints. When you have finished this step, take your marker/ pencil/ pencils and start drawing your cat’s face, including its ears, eyes, nose, and tail. Keep on adding to the image at different angles until you have the complete picture of your cat.

After completing this, you will need to add the head, and one of the most important things you need to learn when drawing cats, is to know how to use the perspective to your advantage. As you begin to see the cat at different angles, you will be able to see the focal point of the cat as well. This is especially true if you are drawing the cat from the front, and you are seeing it from the side, or from an oblique angle. This will help you give the cat the appearance of being balanced, instead of having unnaturally long or thin rear legs.

  • Step 5 –The last step in drawing your cat correctly is to add its nose, and one of the easiest ways to draw the cat’s nose is from an oblique angle. To do this, begin at the top of the cat and draw its nose inwards, making sure that it is pointing straight up at your camera. Then move down slowly, just slightly pressing into the paper with the tip of your finger to make sure that you get the right shape and the lines for the nostril.
  • Step 6 – Adding the eyes to your cat can be very easy if you remember the steps from before. The first thing to do is to begin at the bottom of the nose and draw a circle around it. Be sure to include the tip of the nose in your circle. Next, move quickly to the fore leg and draw two horizontal lines along it. This line will guide you as to how you draw the rest of the cat’s body.

  • Step 7 – Now it is time to move on to the tail. To do this, begin by drawing a circle around the middle of the cat’s back, just like it was explained in step one. Then move on to the end of the cat’s tail and repeat the same process there, ending up with the bottom circle of the circle. Remember to add in an O as you draw the tail.

The last step in this cat drawing tutorial is to put all the pieces together. To do this, start by drawing the head and then the rest of the body, including the tail. When you have finished, it is time to put it on your cat’s nose, just like you learned in the first part of the tutorial. Voila! You have a great looking cat that your kids will surely love. They will be so proud to show off their artwork to their friends.

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