How To Draw A Cat – Step One In A Series


If you are a cat lover and you want to create original works of art for your cat, learning to make cat fine art is not difficult at all. Most artists who create art for cats start with basic shapes which you then build on with more detailed parts. By tracing other peoples images or portraits you can also begin learning to create a cat drawing on your own. But it is best not to try to do anything you haven’t done before. Creating original artwork can take time and practice, and as with all art it is a continual process.

As you work on the cat drawing you will need to have a good understanding of perspective and where to place your main focal point. This will make the entire drawing come together in harmony. When you first decide what you want to include in your cat drawing you should make sure that the main focal point is at the center of the piece. Place other interesting details around it such as small trees, your cat’s paws or a bend in a tree branch.

To give your cat drawing more realism you can include a short silhouette drawing next to the main one. A small tree at the base of a tree, or branches bending down from a higher branch, or even a bent cat’s ears, can give depth to your sketch. It can be useful to add a light source behind the silhouette in order to create an illusion of moving scenery. As you start to develop your cat drawing, try to think about the different things which will make it unique. Things like its color or pattern might be similar to another animal, but it might also have very particular features.

For example if your cat drawing has a lot of curly fur, try drawing a more circular or oval shape instead. As you get more experienced with this, you can add additional features like straight hair, ears that are slightly curved or a circular tail. Another tip for realistic fur drawing is to choose a soft, medium brown color, and choose a variety of different colors for fur clippings, ears and the rest of the body. This way you can blend a lot of different fur textures together into a uniform color. You could also choose to use brown paper to draw the fur on, although you shouldn’t really get too carried away – even a brown paper drawing should still look good!

One of the simplest ways to give your cat drawing a realistic look is to trace around the edges of its ears. Start with an outline of the ear and then fill in using a pencil circle. Use a pencil to trace around each side of the ear and continue on from there. Remember to keep the edges sharp by following a curved pencil circle, and you should be left with something that looks completely natural.

If you’re not very good at drawing, you can always go for animal drawings instead. There are lots of books containing cute animal drawings which you could follow. You’ll find a lot of tips and tutorials on the internet as well, and these will help even the most basic artists get the hang of it. The main advantage of using sketches rather than actual photos of the animal is that you don’t have to worry about color bleeding – even if you do a lot of sketches yourself, you’ll still be able to produce highly natural looking cat drawings because you’re using real images of the animal.

If you have a computer and a printer, then a printable cat drawing reference image would make your life a whole lot easier. You could use one for a very simple drawing or several for different parts of an art project. You could use several for different aspects of your portfolio. If you’re just starting out, then you could use just a single reference image and tweak it to suit your style.

For example, for your first leg you could start with just the outline. Then add in various shades of gray until you have the general color of the cat. If you’re trying to add in highlights and shading, then you could start by drawing the first leg in gray, dark, and adding highlights to it in places where it makes sense. That’s just one example; if you want to know more about how to draw a cat, you’ll notice that it’s pretty easy once you’ve got your basics down. Just use pencils, pens, crayons or markers, and you’ll be able to create some great drawings that people will find really inspiring.

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