Casey Anthony Now Has a Private Investigation Firm and a Photography Business


Casey Anthony now has a private investigation firm and a photography business. She also has a social life and dates several people. This article will examine her dating life after the acquittal. In addition to her business, Anthony has been dating since her acquittal.

Casey Anthony has a photography business
After being found not guilty of the 2008 murder of her daughter Caylee, Casey Anthony has recently announced that she is opening a photography business in West Palm Beach, Florida. The new venture, called Case Photography, LLC, is registered to Anthony’s West Palm Beach address. Although the news is still somewhat surprising, the filing of the company documents indicates that Anthony has been thinking about starting a photography business.

The new business is registered to Anthony’s home and she has created a website, Facebook page, and online slide shows to display her portfolio. However, Anthony has yet to post a single photograph on any of these sites. She first discovered her interest in photography during her trial, where her psychological assessment listed it as one of her “pastimes” as a child.

Case Photography’s paperwork was recently found in the hands of Patrick J. McKenna, a former attorney for O.J. Simpson and a member of the legal team that acquitted him. In addition to his photos, Anthony has also been photographed holding a camera in different settings, including a yard sale.

Anthony’s new business is a strange one, and it is unclear how she got started. The company was created in November and went live in January 2016. Its name is Case Photography, LLC, and Anthony has not specified what type of photography it does. However, a photo posted by the Daily Mail shows Anthony taking photos with Patrick McKenna, the lead investigator in Anthony’s defense team.

Casey Anthony has a private investigation firm
Casey Anthony has a private investigation firm – but can she really work for one? The infamous reality TV star is currently living with her long-time friend Patrick McKenna in West Palm Beach, Florida, and has publicly stated her interest in a private investigation business. The two had previously lived together, and Anthony claimed he worked for a private detective. The firm had a registered address at McKenna’s house, and Anthony had been living there for several years.

Despite not having a private investigator’s license in Florida, Anthony has been working with McKenna since 2015. While Anthony had no experience working as a private investigator, he has worked with the company to perform online social media searches. In 2015, he registered a second business at the same address. The previous company, called Case Photography, also closed down in 2018. Anthony is not licensed to work as a private investigator in Florida and is unable to obtain one without a background check.

While a private investigator might seem like a good idea for those who have experienced a traumatic situation, a private investigation firm may not be the best idea for Anthony. Her reputation for lying to authorities and using false information has made her a notorious figure, but the new company is a shady move.

A private investigator must have integrity and work with high ethical standards. However, if Anthony wants to work as a private investigator, she should probably not get a Florida license until she has proved her innocence in the murder trial. This is not the first time Anthony has taken an interest in private investigation.

Casey Anthony has a social life
Many people wonder if Casey Anthony has a social life. It is hard to believe someone who spent most of her adult life being accused of a crime, on trial, or in purgatory has a social life. But Anthony did participate in a protest march last February, and it ended up at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. She even met someone nice, and was able to exchange a few words.

After the death of her daughter, Anthony went on to pursue a career as a researcher and photographer. In 2015, she tried to open a photography company called Case Photography LLC, but the venture failed and was later closed. She eventually opened her own private investigation business in Florida in December 2020.

During the trial, Casey Anthony was acquitted of capital murder, and her not-guilty verdict was met with widespread controversy. It snowballed to a national level. The documentary, titled “Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies,” was executive produced by Tamra Simmons, Ebony Porter-Ike, and Sam Sniderman. Blue Ant Studios also executive produced the film.

Anthony has a social life, but it is very different from the way most people perceive it. She enjoys photography, and she has even incorporated a photography business in Florida. She has a number of friends in the media and in the legal field. However, she insists that she isn’t a party animal. While she does enjoy alcohol, she does not drink it. She prefers Fat Tire beer.

Casey Anthony’s social life is different than the one she had before the shooting. She has worked as a researcher, written a book, and even started a photography business. Although her past has been a bit tainted by her past, she is trying to put it behind her.

Casey Anthony has dated since her acquittal
In the aftermath of her acquittal, Casey Anthony has been struggling to find a man. Her previous boyfriends seemed to be uninterested in her, but now she has met a “special guy” who can overlook her past. Now in her 30s, Casey is a completely different person than she was when she was an emotionally stunted 21-year-old.

Casey Anthony’s parents have had a strained relationship with their daughter since her trial. Her parents went on no-contact orders and her father suffered a car accident in 2018. He was accused of molestation by Casey when she was a child, but he has vehemently denied the allegations.

Anthony has been seen out a few times with friends in bars and has struck up several short-lived romances with men. Her long, dark hair and petite frame attract men. Anthony is a big drinker, and she often orders her signature drink – Jack Daniels and diet coke.

After Caylee’s death, Casey Anthony was accused of murder and manslaughter. Her defense team argued that she had drowned her daughter in a pool, and that she did not report the death to police for fear of facing a murder charge. The jury acquitted Anthony on the most serious charges, but found her guilty of four misdemeanor counts for lying to police.

Casey Anthony’s acquittal did not result in a retrial. Although her case remains under investigation, the Department of Corrections and her boyfriend are trying their best to keep her safe during probation.

Casey Anthony has a boyfriend
Casey Anthony has been dating a man in his early 30s. The controversial mother of two has made headlines after a series of allegations were made against her in a People magazine article. Her ex-girlfriend was accused of lying to law enforcement about their relationship, and even slept with two different men. While she was cleared of the charges, she still has to contend with the public’s perception of her.

Although Anthony has never been married, there are many rumours circulating about her current relationship. In fact, there is no record of Anthony being married, but she has been in many relationships over the past decade. She was previously engaged to Jessie Grund in 2005 and 2006, and dated Anthony Karagiannis from 2008 to 2017. The pair were separated in 2017, but Anthony has yet to publicly announce her new relationship.

Anthony recently spotted with Antony Karagiannis at a West Palm Beach bar. The two have been dating for three months. While Anthony’s past relationships were a source of anxiety, her new relationship with Antony Karagiannis may help ease her mind. The two were seen in public several times. Antony is a father of one. He attended Palm Beach State College and works at a local pub.

Anthony has a low-profile in Florida and keeps a close circle of friends. She also avoids interviews. She occasionally makes an appearance in her hometown, but she does not keep in contact with her parents. Anthony is attempting to distance herself from her tragic past. In 2012, Anthony and her mother Cindy began wearing matching necklaces containing a small vial of Caylee’s ashes. However, they do not wear them anymore, according to People.

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