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Calligraphy Drawing Tutorial | July Writing



Hey everyone this is Jia and you are watching Jia’s Art you are in the right place if you want to learn “July” in calligraphy style and the techniques about calligraphy writing.

These are the tools that I’ll be using to write in calligraphy style.

Step 1:

1st at all draw a line at 4cm gap from bottom.

Now I am writing July (lightly) in calligraphy style.

Using HB pencil

After this draw some ice creams at the right side.

1st step is done let’s move on 2nd step.

2nd step

In this step, I am using black pointer and outline the whole alphabets and also ice creams.  

3rd step:

In this step, I am using simple erase and erase the pencil lines.

3rd step is done let’s move the 4th one.

4th step:

In this step, I am using black permanent marker and colored the alphabets of July.

Now I am using black pointer and attach the thick lines with thin lines for neatness

4th step is done.

5th step:

In this step I am using some different colors for coloring the ice creams. (you can use any type of pencil colors which you have)

Finally its done, hope you enjoyed 🙂

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