Biting Lip Vector… Create Your Own Artwork Using Classy Radiouvre Art!



You can begin the art of lip biting by purchasing some lip biting stencils. The number of choices is endless. You can also Draw cartoon characters, cats, dogs, wolves, vampires, bears and many other cartoon characters. Many even come with glitter or markers. Some lip biting stencils come in the form of pens, pencils, markers, erasers or lip gloss.

Some kits come with a lip liner and most do not. It is very important to get a lip liner that is a size that matches your lip size. That’s what gives you the ability to create smooth-looking lines when you are applying the biting lip drawing images. If you are using a kit that does not come with a lip liner, you will need to purchase one at your local craft store. Some of the lip liners that you can find in your local craft stores are Maxi-Lip, V-Lip, Clean-A Lines and Smudge Stick.

There are different kinds of biting lip drawing images. Some people like to draw with a straight edge while others like to use a curved edge. The choice is yours and depends on your skill level.

One of the great things about this art form is it’s simplicity. This is a great way to learn how to draw realistic lips without having to be concerned about lines and wrinkles and the dreaded pencil lines. With biting lip drawing, you don’t have to be afraid of smudging your lines when you apply your lipstick because you can clear it up with a white pencil. Another great thing about these types of drawings is that they can be applied to almost any shape or size of lip.

As I stated before, you don’t need to worry about getting a great pencil to draw with. What you do need to purchase are a lip pencil, liquid eyeliner, and liquid lipstick. A lip liner is what you use to line the areas of your mouth you want your lip biting to look natural. A good liquid liner should be creamy and not have an excessive amount of product on it. This will help give your lip biting drawing more of a natural look.

Another key to getting these lip art forms down pat is to use a program that will translate your lip outline into a vector image. This will allow you to export your image and use it for many other things besides just lip biting. For example, if you want to do some dress up with lipstick, it’s very easy to convert your outline into a vector tattoo. All you need is a program that can do that and it can be done in minutes!

A good way to practice your realistic lips step by step is to use an object that resembles a ball of hair. If you want to draw more realistic lips, this hair could be any type of hair. I prefer natural human hair as it looks so natural. In this simple little method you’ll get a very close approximation of what you want.

To finish this article on a positive note, remember, don’t let negative feedback discourage you from following a realistic looking lip technique. The biggest mistake people make when learning to draw biting lip vectors…is not practicing often. Practice as often as you can and re-evaluate your techniques. When you’ve become comfortable with the way you’re drawing, it’s time to go step-by-step with a software program to reproduce the results. You’ll be very pleased with the result and people around you will think your lip art work is simply fantastic!

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