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Repurposing content is essentially the practice of recycling pre-existing content elements, playing around with them a bit, and maximizing its reach. We do this quite often without thinking, and most of the time it involves repurposing content to fit a new -often different- format, like converting a banner ad into a flyer, or perhaps a brochure.

Why Should You Repurpose Content?

Multi-Purpose Content

Content that performs well in one area is very likely to perform well when applied somewhere new. For example, an incredibly popular blog post that’s been driving users to visit your website can simply be repurposed into a handy eBook: making it accessible, easy to use, and portable.

Redeem Your Content and Grow Your Online Presence

When it comes to content repurposing, you don’t need to work too hard with constantly creating new and unique content elements, simply pushing old, repurposed, high-quality content, all through different channels.

Expand Your Reach, Attract New Customers

Reusing old stuff you’ve got lying around is handy, but let’s face it – old content doesn’t really have the same expansive reach as new content.

Therefore, whether it’s a social media post or a blog article, something you published a year ago won’t reach the same people if you publish it now. To make sure your content stays fresh, brush up on an old piece of content, make it relevant and re-publish it, to get it on the radar for both your old faithful and new followers. After all, this is exactly what you need to establish a loyal following!

Which Content Should You Repurpose?

Previously Well-Performing Content

Here’s the obvious one. Content that has a history of performing well as a more unquestionable base over a strong and catchy topic. It’s going to have to be audience-specific: that is, relevant to your audience, and also expertly crafted for that specific use.

Evergreen Content

Wondering what the term “evergreen content” refers to?

Like the type of flora that goes by the same reference, evergreen content is stuff that will always be relevant to what you do, especially over long periods. It has the benefit of being more sustainable and longer-lasting and is therefore an ideal candidate for repurposing (which is sort of what it was made for in the first place).

Topics That Are Relevant Again

Time will change your consumer’s tastes and their buying trends. That’s just how it is in today’s world. However, if you’re smart with it, you can find that consumer trends and tastes often appear in repeated patterns.

Keeping the above in mind, repurposing previously published content, and making it relevant again keeps you in the headlines longer.

7 Ways to Repurpose a Content

Here are a few of the most popular and veritably brilliant methods of repurposing your content:

Transform Internal Data into Case Studies

Customer testimonials and reviews build trust in your customers- especially if your product or service gets good reviews.

Raw data can be the basis for a captivating case study – one that’ll help you build transparency with customers, and your customers to develop trust in you.

Utilise Statistics as Twitter Posts

Leveraging statistics to attract customers? You’ve come to the right place. Interesting data and facts about your company can make for interesting and captivating Twitter posts, which you can share with the click of a button!

From Interviews To Expert Guide eBooks

Interviews are really popular in blogs and blog content. By repurposing interviews into expert advice eBooks, the content you put out is the same, but the medium is changed.
The result? You can reach out to a larger audience – especially as eBooks have got the benefit of accessibility.

Got Any Visual Content? Use Pinterest

Don’t quite know what to do with some picture- and visuals-heavy content? Fret not!
With Pinterest, creating boards full of attractive images and engaging illustrations can be called mere child’s play. You can let your artsy side guide your hand because there’s no way to go wrong with bright visual content. Say hello to sky-high levels of engagement!

Create a FAQ Page using Customer Service Queries

Customers are bound to run into issues, and having a quick fix handy can be a lifesaver. By compiling customer service queries into an FAQ page, your customer services team gets some time off on account of not having to address the same queries multiple times.

Incorporate YouTube Videos into Your Blog Posts

As per a study, each month, 85% of all internet users watch video content on at least one of their devices.
Videos are a brilliant strategy to captivate your visual learning consumer base. Start off your blogs with small, embedded videos, then sit back to watch your views soar and engagement levels go off the charts!

Create Podcasts from Blog Posts

Does anyone actually have the time to read these days? Unlike your typical videos and blogs, podcasts are easier to listen to on the go. Whether you’re in transit or sweating it out at the gym with nothing to listen to, you can tune into a podcast anytime.

Ending Note

By incorporating Desygner into your company, you’ll have a complete software solution providing you with a wide range of tools that can be utilized for content repurposing, all at the click of a button.

Planning on resizing images? Or maybe you’re thinking of utilizing Free Templates and Stock Images, or maybe you simply want to manage your content with ease and effect, Desygner keeps your content management grind sweat-free and stress-free!

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