1940s Mens Fashion


The 1940s mens fashion saw an influx of stylish wool overcoats. These were typically boxy in shape and came down to the knee at a slight angle. Wool overcoats also featured wide peak lapels and side slit pockets. The buttons were usually covered with a long flap. Double-breasted wool overcoats became popular after wool restrictions were lifted. These coats were worn with a belt around the waist and often came in plaid or tweed.

The 1940s also saw the rise of the zoot suit. These pinstriped garments became popular amongst the black population. However, they had a very controversial effect, and were often associated with gangsters. The zoot suit was a popular mens fashion style in the 1940s, and many men relied on suits that they had already purchased.

The ’40s also saw the emergence of the pocket square. Before the war, men often wore waistcoats under their double-breasted suits. They were also commonly worn over a collared shirt and tie. The pocket squares were often made of rayon and featured bold paisley patterns. The ’40s mens fashion also featured a number of unique patterns, including tweed, herringbone, check, and wide chalk stripes.

In the 1940s mens fashion also featured a variety of hats. Trilby hats were a popular accessory. Others included homburg hats and pork pie hats. Men’s fashion was further affected by the war, which meant that clothes were more functional than stylish. They did not want to show too much skin or be flashy. Furthermore, natural fibers like wool and silk were not used as civilian wear, so the men’s suits were stripped down and streamlined. Moreover, their jackets no longer featured a vest and a pocket flap, which resulted in a very austere look.

The end of the war brought about a resurgence in 1940s mens fashion. The styles of the day included double breasted jackets, wide trousers, and full-cut pants. The fabrics used were often of low quality and used to be second-hand. Silk ties became more common and became a popular accessory during this time.

Another popular layering item of 1940s mens fashion were sweater vests. These were often thick, enabling men to fight off the cold. Sweater vests also came in novelty and argyle designs. These were often paired with high-waisted trousers. As a result, they were particularly popular among sport spectators.

Men’s clothing styles of the 1940s mens fashion were generally based on utilitarian styles. The era’s utilitarian styles meant that some women wore trousers to keep warm, but the full skirt of the New Look was shocking for men wearing Utility clothes. Tight pleating and sheer fabric meant that this look required a great deal of fabric – some styles required up to fifteen yards of fabric. Some women worried that this blatant femininity would set back women’s progress during the war.

Many men wore a variety of styles of shoes. Some people bought second-hand shoes, but others purchased new shoes that resembled those from the 1930s. The toe of these shoes was slightly higher than those from the 1930s. Many men also wore brogued two-tone Oxford shoes and spectator shoes. Others wore plain black or brown shoes.

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