1920s Fashion Men


The 1920s fashion men brought with it many styles that were popular for men. Neckwear was a key component of 1920s fashion, including the bow tie, striped, plaid, and self-tying styles. These neckties were often made of silk or wool, and featured Art Deco-inspired patterns. Neckties also came in different styles, including skinny and wide, box-tip ties, and high-waisted styles with fringed tips.

The boater hat is a classic silhouette from the 1920s, but it’s only suitable for warm weather. It’s not appropriate for the wedding circuit, but it’s still a great way to look great in the summertime. Another classic 1920s style is the Homburg hat, a more structured version of the Fedora. These styles are perfect for adding a touch of class to a casual look.

The era was also characterized by bold suit styles. Men generally wore black or dark navy suits, with a tailcoat on the back. Suits were also longer than in previous decades, giving men more freedom to move. Even tuxedo tailcoats were not uncommon as well. While men were still expected to wear suits to formal events, they were also more casual, allowing them to wear more patterned socks and bow ties.

The jazz suit was a popular 1920s fashion men style. This slim silhouette was meant to provide an hourglass figure. This style was particularly appealing to young men. It often had slanted pockets that gave a dynamic effect. It was often paired with belts. This combination gave a unique, yet subtle touch to the ensemble.

The 1920s were a time of freedom, prosperity, and change. Fashion designers took cues from both gangsters and European trends. Suits were the key element of men’s fashion in the 1920s. Young men and college men wore them with pride. They often wore socks and hats that matched their outfits.

Men’s fashion in the 1920s fashion men was very sophisticated. Many men wore a slicked-back hairstyle called “Vaselino.” Suspenders and waist belts were also a staple of the 1920s. Round framed glasses and sunglasses were popular accessories. Among the upper class, men wore bow ties and pocket squares. These styles were often paired with plus-four pants.

Men’s shoes were also an essential part of their outfits. Shoes tended to be black or brown, and they usually had a perforated flap at the top. In the 1920s, men also wore top hats, such as a homburg hat. However, this trend was not as prevalent as it is today.

The fedora was the most popular style of hat in the 1920s. It was a casual alternative to the traditional top hat, and featured a snap brim. Hats in the 1920s were often made of felt with a rolled edge. Fedoras, meanwhile, were popular among middle class men. Some men even wore them in the 1950s. In the 1920s, straw boaters, and derby hats were also popular.

The typical 1920s fashion men wore a three-piece suit. Suits in this period were made of heavy materials such as wool tweed, flannel, and mohair. The jackets wore three to four buttons and were either double-breasted or single-breasted. The jackets also covered the vest completely. The jackets were always paired with a necktie or bow tie.

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